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> Significant other sucks at WoW?
сообщение 28.2.2018, 14:57
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So I just got out of a mythic+ that featured a healer/dps couple. The healer was solid but the dps was doing abysmal damage. Like, we are talking about 72k on last boss of Upper Kara at 894 ilvl. I have been in guilds in the past featuring couples that raided and most of the time in my experience they are both solid. Occasionally I run into couples where one is obviously a much worse player and ends up dragging groups down.
My question is, if you have a significant other that plays, and they are objectively garbage, do you continue to burden the group with them? Personally if my gf played with me and she sucked I just wouldnt bring her into situations where I know we would fail with her there...but thats just me.
TLDR: If your significant other is hot garbage at WoW, do you bring them into groups doing high end content and burden groups with them?

Please help.

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