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EvoTrack. Performance tuning by Gral _ Барахолка - Продам _ Sony PRS-350 Pocket Edition & Cases

Автор: MichaelMorin 5.2.2018, 15:36


It is finally time to downsize my eReader collection... Selling my beautiful pink PRS-350 with beautifully coordinating white/pink Gelaskin. Also have a matching pink official Sony case available:

PRS-350 eReader: $45 USD
Reader is in EXCELLENT condition. Battery still holds a decent charge. Has pretty white/pink tree-themed Gelaskin.

Regular (non-lighted) pink Sony folio style case: $10 USD

Dark navy blue LIGHTED case. As New in box. $20 USD.

I will ship to Canada, the US or the UK. Buyer pays shipping from Canada (shipping quote on request).


more details:


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